The Invisible Man

Long-time readers know I'm an advocate for anvil-dropping Subtext Is For Cowards genre allegories and this is absolutely that. Moss gets to Act and Emote a whole bunch, which is neat even if I'm really cynical about how much this textbook sociopath film is faking its empathy re: abuse and gaslighting. There are multiple sympathetic allusions to gothic "madwoman in the attic" conventions but also some lazy gendered violence tropes, and the film completely throws away the ever-tightening paranoia for a frankly stupid series of rock'em sock'em sequences. Stylistically this is in the low-budget "elevated genre" mode, which is getting a little old. (The overbearing Carlos-by-way-of-Zimmer score is particularly wearying.)

On the whole, this is much better than I would have expected given Upgrade, or indeed anything I've seen with a Whannell credit. I called Upgrade the "Showtime Original Picture version of Ex Machina," and this is the (more effective) Lifetime Original Movie version of Hollow Man, accomplishing (some of) what Verhoeven tried for without being as alienating and gross (mostly).

Mad Women

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