The Thing ★★★½

There’s no denying the storytelling ability of John Carpenter. He has that Director’s sense, the best way to tell a story through visual aid. The Thing (1982) supports this statement without question. However, I do feel it falls short of its contemporaries within the Carpenter stable, Halloween (1978) and The Fog (1980), the reason for this is partly due to the score and the large cast ensemble. Ennio Morricone is one of my favourite composers and was brought in by Carpenter to give the movie’s setting a more European feel, but falls short of Carpenter’s trademark suspenseful sound. A smaller cast would’ve helped proceedings by shortening the ‘who is it’ possibilities much like Alien (1979) managed to do 3 years previous. Still the film is a good movie with special effects that broke ground in its day and still impresses to some degree today.

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