Favorite films

  • Andrei Rublev
  • Ali: Fear Eats the Soul
  • Climax
  • Mission: Impossible II

Recent reviews

  • There Will Be Blood

    There Will Be Blood

    this movie looks awful but it's so good. my gf hated it, after defending it for 30 mins i felt convincing. when i saw it on my Fucking ipod in 2008 i was ready to cancel daniel plainview. i'd forgotten, just for example, that the kid wasn't his to begin with; daniel plainview was a sexless cynic, base in a different way than chasing women. the ultimate revelation for me was that the guy is fundamentally sympathetic, and that it…

  • Kong: Skull Island

    Kong: Skull Island

    why do monkeys and reptiles rule this space. why can't there be like, gigantic housecat. 400 foot pig movie. i wanna hear those oinks. where's the representation