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  • Revenge of the Creature

    Revenge of the Creature


    3D adds nothing to the weak sequel to the original Creature, but the Gill Man costume and special effects are really impressive.

  • 55 Days at Peking

    55 Days at Peking


    The story elements are given barely a thought - the star here is the spectacle, and what a spectacle. Fantastic sets and action set pieces, with the proverbial cast of thousands. Those who feel that old movies can be judged according to today's standards of racial, ethnic and gender tolerance will not find much to like here, but it is an undeniable delight to the eye.

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  • A Ghost Story

    A Ghost Story

    Didn’t work for me. After a while I "got" the use of a Halloween ghost cosutme, and there is poignancy in the depiction of ghosts of loved ones that remain with us but are frustrated at their limited ability to communicate or leave a physical space. But the film is self-consciously arty, the ideas seemed half-baked, the music demands how you should feel, and the monologue scene for me was just awful. And don't believe the hype -- Mara does NOT eat a WHOLE pie; there was tons of crust left.

  • Dawson City: Frozen Time

    Dawson City: Frozen Time


    I guess Morrison calls his production company Hypnotic for a reason; it is the perfect adjective for this part documentary, part avant garde collage of clips taken from nitrate films recovered from the permafrost in Dawson City, Canada. Some clips are said to be water damaged, but others appear to have been intentionally altered with superimposed images. Except at the beginning and end, the soundtrack is wordless, filled with ambient music placing the viewer in a meditative state. Informative, mesmerizing, lovely, and inspiring.