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  • Tone-Deaf



    No idea what this is supposed to be about or what it is supposed to be a commentary on. Its story ideas and characters are a loose, jumbled collection of elements that don't work either independently or in combination.

  • Nightwing



    This poster <-- is the scariest thing about this movie. It is not uninteresting, with interesting characters such as the native American sheriff with familial ties to tribal elders, and David Warner as a scientist with a WHO grant and a jones for killing bats. It just never comes together in a compelling way or manage its nature-gone-wild and supernatural elements.

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  • A Dandy in Aspic

    A Dandy in Aspic


    Spy story is thoroughly imbued with Sixties cool. A double agent is given the assignment to assassinate himself. Mia Farrow's English accent impresses - her next film was Rosemary's Baby. This was director Anthony Mann's last film

  • The Fly

    The Fly


    Transcends its genre - belongs on the list of top 10 films of all time.