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  • Tokyo Fist

    Tokyo Fist


    One of those films that keeps ratcheting up and up until in the last act you are almost physically assaulted by the camera work, the sound design and some visceral imagery.

    I've never seen boxing filmed in this way. Not that boxing and surrealist imagery hasn't been merged before. I'd argue there is a Lynchian quality to the boxing scenes in Raging Bull. However in Tokyo Fist the boxing is depicted using explosions of colour, usually deep blues and reds.…

  • Texas Chainsaw 3D

    Texas Chainsaw 3D


    I hated almost every single fucking frame of this utter piece of shit. Not including the 2017 entry as I'm still to see this is definitely the worst in the franchise. In fact, this is one of the most flawed and stupid movies I've seen.

    Let's get one thing out of the way, I won't hear any more slagging off that platinum dunes style. At least there's a style there, Texas Chainsaw 3D has no style. Like black is the…

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  • The French Dispatch

    The French Dispatch

    I actually hated this so much. I thought I'd love this but my word this is genuinely one of the most painful experiences I've had in the cinema. I came very close close walking out several times. But having said that, there are good elements. It looks fantastic, Anderson's stylistic ticks and fetishes are undeniably impressive at points, but that's all this is. This is just Anderson completely losing himself in his fetishes to the point any kind of heart,…

  • Basket Case

    Basket Case


    A true ultra low budget gem. Something I'd consider vital viewing for people who appreciate outsider, low budget art.