Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★★★★½

oh boy there's a lot to take in here
I'll try and keep this spoiler-free but yeah this one's pretty intense

this is pretty much the best MCU film, and possibly the best that's likely to come for some time

there's a surprising amount of callbacks and references to earlier films and plot threads that may have seemed forgotten about - this just goes completely all-out

obviously we all know the MCU is going to keep going after this one (hell, this isn't even the last film in Phase 3) but this certainly feels like a grand finale, wrapping everything up while somehow keeping just enough open for the future

the 3-hour running time may seem daunting to some but there's so much happening here that it pretty much flies by (arguably I could see room for even more scenes to help flesh out a few details that seemed slightly underdone)

needless to say, the final battle is spectacular and it feels like a successful payoff to all the buildup

tl;dr: worth the wait, basically the MCU's The Return of the King

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