Only Yesterday ★★★★

it should be a crime for cel animation to be this good
like this film just feels expensive looking at it, you know?
Nausicaa had great animation and each subsequent film just keeps subtly improving on it

I think it's really neat how this film can have a much more obviously-realistic look to its visuals while still retaining an easily-identifiable Ghibli feel

the only sort-of issue I have with this is that I always feel like there's a kind of disconnect between young and adult Taeko - they don't quite feel like two shades of the same character to me (perhaps that's the point)

but yeah it's still a nice ("nice" is just the Ghibli keyword at this point) story about finding yourself - almost feels like a companion piece to Kiki's Delivery Service perhaps in a way

(also the young Taeko stuff kinda reminds me of Peanuts in a way - does anybody else get what I mean?)

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