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This review may contain spoilers.

Despite me not minding a bit of lowbrow humor in my movies every now and then (I grew up loving the Austin Powers trilogy, for heck's sake), I didn't think much of the original Deadpool; yes, it was novel for basically being a straight-up comedy wearing a superhero (movie) disguise, yes, it was refreshing to have a "super"hero who could flagrantly break all the 4th walls he wanted to in the awareness that he was a cinematic hero, and yes, it was vital in inspiring our current miniature boom in R-rated superhero flicks, which gave the tired genre a shot in the arm (even though every recent one seems to have come exclusively from Fox's seemingly not-long-for-this-world "X-Verse"), but despite all these benefits in its favor, I just didn't enjoy it all that much.

You see, it just wasn't all that engaging, entertaining in general, or most importantly of all, funny, with a messy, pointlessly mixed-up story structure, and a sense of humor that I can only describe as fairly lazy, mixing up random, pointless asides to the audience, crude insults and "naughty" words, and cheap meta references to other superhero movies with an actual, clever sense of wit, and I hate to say that I barely grinned at any of the many gags it threw at me during its 108 minute running time.

However, I'm happy to say that, while it's still not a great movie by any stretch of the word, Deadpool 2 is still definitely an improvement over the lackluster original, going more for broke with its sense of humor, right from the start when the title character plays with a spoiler-riffic "musicbox" of a certain other X-Man suspended (literally) eternally in his grisly moment of death, just before Mr. Pool blows himself up, sending his middle finger-extending hand towars the camera, in the hopes of outdoing his rival (and object of lust?)'s now-iconic death scene, an opener that establishes a grotesquely, irreverently funny tone for the rest of the film, including a particularly funny sequence where almost everyone in the "X-Force" team that Deadpool unnecessarily assembles dying in equally unnecessary, incredibly horrifying (but still hilarious) manners while parachuting in high winds, as well as mid-credits scene to end all mid-credits scenes where The Merc With The Mouth erases The Merc Without A Mouth (aka X-Men Origins: Wolverine's version of "Deadpool") completely from the timeline, alongside a certain leading man just before he stars in a certain disastrous film for a certain rival superhero universe.

It's still not sophisticated material at all, but more "ambitious" in a don't-give-a-crap sort of way, while still retaining the guilty pleasure crudeness of the original, and, add in a Terminator-biting story and some genuine emotions and character development that I could actually get engaged with this time, and some equally improved action scenes courtesy of John Wick director David Leitch (which actually outdid that modern Action classic in terms of excitement, IMHO), and you have a rather giddily fun time in Deadpool 2; chimichangas, baby!

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