Ready Player One ★★★½

Ready Player One was hardly a great film, with its occasionally lackluster attention to detail when it came to certain story/character developments, a somewhat overrliance on nostalgic pop culture easter eggs, and an overusage of fairly garish CGI when it came to creating the virtual world within (I actually think it would've been a better-looking, more intriguing choice to film The Oasis with as many live-action elements as possible, to help further drive home the point that people in the future are losing their ability to distinguish fantasy from reality).

All of that being said, however, despite being primed to at least dislike it from the multitude of bad excerpts from the source novel that I've read, I actually ended up kind of enjoying RPO in the end, as it did become more engaging as it went on; I enjoyed the innovative ways it blurred reality and fantasy more and more as it unfolded, it does have some relevant social commentary underneath about modern corporate dominion and technology addiction (although not as much as it should've, admittedly), and it definitely has some of that wonderful sense of adventure that, even in his 70's, only Spielberg seems able to deliver, through its epic digital easter egg hunt that drives the central narrative. So, while it certainly wasn't perfect, Ready Player One was still better than I expected it to be, which, in the end, is good enough for me.

Final Score: 7.5