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  • Scorched Earth

    Scorched Earth


    I actually had fun watching this movie. That doesn't mean it's good. I'm just a sucker for post-apocalyptic stuff. And Gina Carano as of this movie.

  • A Bad Moms Christmas

    A Bad Moms Christmas

    The first one was actually pretty funny. This was just one scene that seemed to start over and over again.

    - mom's working very hard without regard for themselves
    - this has to stop, let's have some fun: scene with a lot of slowmotion and bad pop music
    - mom's working hard again
    - let's do the slowmotion scene again. Oh and add some funky dancing music.

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  • Bright



    I honestly don't get why this movie gets so much hate here (and not on IMDb for instance). Okay, it's not a masterpiece but I sure enjoyed the movie. The acting was pretty decent (liked Smith and Edgerton together and Rapace is always great in my book), I liked the locations and the lore behind this parallel universe. Although that lore could maybe be explored better in a follow-up TV show than there was tone in this movie.

    The gangs…

  • Blade Runner 2049

    Blade Runner 2049


    Watch it. Even watching it with your eyes closed is worth it thanks to the tremendously great score. But don't do that caus' you'll miss the best freakin visual orgasm that has been made in years. This is sci-fi.