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  • Brawl in Cell Block 99

    Brawl in Cell Block 99


    This is the role that Vince Vaughn was searching for in True Dective Season 2.

    I absolutely loved brutal kills and the practical effects that went into them.


  • Newtown



    I can admit when I'm wrong so....
    I had always believed that Sandy Hook was fake and didn't happened. 
    This fucked me up. All of the archived footage made me question everything I knew.

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  • It



    Let me start by saying i love clowns so the original IT didn't scare me as a child.

    This movie was fucking great. The movie earned its R rating and didn't shy away at all.
    Pennywise was frightening and he will scare you. It's hard to convey what I'm trying to say but to me its not scary like the conjuring but its scary. I don't know how to explain.
    Andy Muschietti directs the shit out this movie, and gets…

  • Cast Away

    Cast Away


    First time watch.

    I wish I had a friend as good as Wilson.