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    i can’t remember if i ever saw this movie completely i only remember parts but it’s a classic. pissed me off bc white people always ruin everything and try to take stuff that’s not theirs but it was a good ass movie.

  • 1917



    i love this movie 😭 i think we all know the cinematography is mind blowing. they really filmed this in one take that’s crazy. the shots were beautiful and the acting was amazing. the story was SO clear and smooth like i can tell the story from start to finish and not miss a scene. it was gut wrenching and sad and made me feel happy at the same time like it just emitted pure good vibes i loved this movie

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  • Promare



    honestly i was hella confused for a lot of it but the colors were really pretty and two scenes in particular were BEAUTIFUL. would watch again. ALSO i lost my anime virginity to this !

  • It Chapter Two

    It Chapter Two


    only intellectuals know this movie was amazing. 10/10 would pay to see it again