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  • Guru, The Mad Monk

    Guru, The Mad Monk


    Even going by the name "Guru, The Mad Monk" I couldn't' help but feel that this was exactly my kind of film. I wasn't far wrong: this is exactly the kind of schlock I love.

    It's only 55 minutes long, making it super watchable, and moves at a frantic pace while still finding a way to include all sorts of batshit insanity including a schizophrenic monk, a hideous hunchbacked retarded dwarf, some sort of undetermined vampire/necromancer woman, and a few…

  • Creature from the Haunted Sea

    Creature from the Haunted Sea


    Looking through my favourite Youtube movie playlist I randomly chanced upon Creature From The Haunted Sea. It was 3am and I was looking for something goofy and not very serious that I could drift off to sleep too. Like most people, I was expecting this film to be a generic 50s monster movie but it turned out to be nothing of the sort. At least I had correctly predicted its lack of seriousness. For, Creature From The Haunted sea is…

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  • The Black Klansman

    The Black Klansman


    A ridiculous premise topped off by the fact that it's shot in black and white to make it less obvious (while it still being very fucking obvious) that the Black Klansman isn't actually black. Worth watching alone for that theme song at the beginning. A movie like this would simply not be allowed to be made today and that's a damn shame as this is good exploitative fun, although the revenge our hero actually ends up getting is rather limited.

  • Common



    A watchable drama on a case I'd never heard about. 17 year old boy is, as far as he knows, giving 3 guys he knows a lift to a pizza place. They're actually there to rough up some guy who's been chatting up one of their bird's. In the midst of the altercation the crazy one of the group loses it and stabs an innocent bystander, killing him. They all get done for murder under some shitey English legal technicality…