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  • Baby Driver

    Baby Driver


    After monumental praise from different movie go-ers and numerous outstanding ovations, I was definitely curious about baby driver. Edgar wright's films have never impressed me, atleast for now. However, they never leave a bad taste in my mouth either. I can take a wright film and leave it as just that. An extremely campy/goofy broadway play with dora personalities.
    Baby driver on the other hand is a whole new type of breed. Mostly. It gets the most out of its…

  • The Amityville Horror

    The Amityville Horror


    Its amazing how the shining and this movie came out almost at the same time only separating them by a year.
    No lie its scary. They both are released so close together and are common in more ways than one. This movie however... was aite. Above average because it doesn't show any monsters well except for two floating eyeballs. Made it feel more grounded to reality. Superb main theme and cinematography effects. Would vacation in this house/10

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  • It's Alive

    It's Alive

    Sad dad was never happy ever again

  • It's Such a Beautiful Day

    It's Such a Beautiful Day


    What it feels like to daydream, imagine and exist. Its human emotion in its most solitary form. And I also want my ashes to be shot into space.