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This review may contain spoilers.

(CW: Spoilers, horny)

I gotta say, I really don’t get the hate. This is like a tweak away from being pretty easily my favorite Marvel movie ever. Basically if Mighty Thor and Valkyrie hadn’t been sidelined for the final battle it would have been.

This is exactly the kind of weird space shit and weird mythology shit I love from this franchise. The fights were fantastic. The penultimate fight where Thor, Mighty Thor, and Valkyrie are teaming up to fight Gorr and his shadow minions was definitely better than the final fight, but oh well.

I’ve seen a lot on Twitter about queerbaiting in relation to this movie, and like… yeah, okay, it’s not a super gay movie or anything, but there are explicitly gay characters in it? Korg literally has two dads, and literally marries another guy at the end of the movie? Valkyrie is explicitly primarily interested in other women? I’m going to be pretty upset if they don’t give her a girlfriend soon, and also if she doesn’t get a spinoff solo movie at some point that’s much gayer than this. I mean, not really upset because this is the MCU I expect literally nothing from them, but I’m just saying.

There is, uh, quite a lot of extremely good bondage in this. I just. Yeah. I just felt I needed to mention that.

They kill Zeus for being a big, dumb idiot. (Yeah okay fine he ends up being not dead in the midcredits scene, whatever.) They fly around on a boat that’s pulled by giant goats. The goats yell. The goats are extremely good. I love the goats. And hey wait a second wasn’t I complaining during earlier movies that the bifrost was really boring when other versions have flying horses and flying boats and shit? Well, wish granted!

I liked literally every part of this movie except the last fight, and even then there are things I liked about it? I mean, the fight itself was fine, I just didn’t like Valkyrie being abruptly sidelined. And ultimately the conflict is literally solved by Thor talking the bad guy into… not being a bad guy anymore. And he gets there through empathy, not browbeating. I’m sorry, but that’s way better than everyone having a big stupid fight while a giant blue beam shoots into the sky.

I don’t know. I’m being pretty uncritical here, but I just don’t know, guys. This was almost exactly what I wanted. It’s possible I’ll like it even more when I rewatch it and have time to digest it.


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