Let me scan this movie in subplots, as the movie already is.

“Sj-Suryah-Vijay Sethupathi- Anjali -Bobby Simha” one never would have imagined how this kind of cast would gel up and produce something this astonishing, but they did. Even though SJS’s performance is getting applauded, for me it is Anjali’s performance that stood apart ‘W-O-W’! With steady symbolism elements like “the RAIN-May 17-the whole female idols concept-monkey toy-white cloth slipping away in jail”, the screenplay is really engaging and original.

One thing that bugged me with the plot is the “infamous twist”. I guess KS really likes to have “shock factor” in his movies (we all remember the “twist” or should I say “twists” in “Pizza”, don’t we?).If only the twist is of some other subject other than the whole “Bobby Simha – Anjali mishap” the movie would have had a plump chance to become a Cult-Classic.

VS’s name in this movie is “Michael” – Mojo?
The poster lineup in Arul’s room “Scarface” & “Godfather” – Classic!
The vintage cars throughout the movie – Classy!
So, unlike Tamil movies, “Vadivukkarasi” never wakes up? – Exceptional!

The rain scene at the end of the movie is very striking, does it imply that “Yazhini” still didn’t let go of “Arul”? It is left open to our own interpretation. Even though “The violence-Hitting with hammer scene-hitting with metal sculpture scene- some ‘dialogues’- some ‘scenes’ ” made me cringe, it really needs some nerve to tell the story this way.

Amidst all the feminist/anti- feminist rant going around, Iraivi emerged as one of the fine, idiosyncratic movies of our time. I’m really glad that I got to catch the movie in theatre.

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