Captain Marvel

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This review may contain spoilers.

The 90s trappings are weak, but otherwise it’s fine. Definitely takes a bit to get going, but I was into how the movie takes form around Carol’s struggle with her identity. The trade off is that she's less a character and more of the sum of her exposition heavy backstory. One problem, and it’s certainly not limited to Captain Marvel, is just how obviously the movie telegraphs every single plot point and emotional beat. I consider myself to be a casual viewer of MCU movies — I usually see them once — and even I feel like I’m being pandered to. I can feel the movie prodding at my ribs when young Coulson shows up, when the tesseract appears, when Fury sees the word “Avenger.” All these pieces are only there to remind the audience, “It’s all connected!” ...but I don’t care? I guess it just reinforces the fact that the MCU is more akin to a long running TV series than anything else. This ultimately takes away from the quality of the movie rather than adding to it. Also, isn't it kind of crazy how much of the CGI in this looks paiiiinfully fake? A decade later and is the CGI in this really any better than the first Iron Man? Maybe they're just lowering their standards as they push these things out on a conveyor belt, but c'mon. Yeesh.

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