Molly's Game

Molly's Game ★★

Oh it's trash, but it's fun trash. It's like Aaron Sorkin never forgot about that coding/blogging montage at the beginning of The Social Network (but I mean, same) and decided to turn it into an entire movie.

The movie essentially rejects any and all attempt at using the actual medium to tell the story. Instead Sorkin just writes and writes and writes (it is, after all, what he does best.) Is it possible there's more voice over in this movie than actual dialogue? Regardless, it works to make something that I felt was, at the very least, compulsively watchable.

There's essentially no discernible visual style or language to this whatsoever, but Jessica chews through every scene and it's fun enough that I didn't even mind the runtime.

My parents will absolutely love this when it plays on FX every weekend in a year or two.

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