Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★★

The definitive perfect movie. It's a testament to this movie that, after so many years with it so close to my heart, it still finds new ways to surprise, enchant, confound, and terrify me. A movie that provides those willing to engage with it with such deep satisfaction.

On this watch, I found myself considering how everything after the unlocking of the blue box could be interpreted as a projection in Betty's mind. In this projection, all the banal pieces she doesn't understand find a way to fit together. She allows herself to be a part of a real Hollywood story, one with melodrama, romance, heartbreak, danger, success, and glamour. She imagines herself in a world completely unlike her own...

It's not the "right" interpretation, but that's the point; it's a perfect movie because it defies categorization, understanding, or correct interpretation.

(casual reminder that Naomi Watts delivers one of the greatest performances ever)

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