Princess ★★★½

Far too quiet and restrained for the unsettling subject matter, but I think that just makes it more entrancing and uncomfortable. However, it also robs it of some of the impact as it makes it hard to engage with the dramatic material when you’re never fully able to grasp the metaphorical/dream angle.

I think the esoteric nature of this, and the harsh reality of a child’s portrayed disassociation from abuse, would land better if the ending had switched to a more digestible structure.

When the whole film is a simmering pot of questioning and introspection at what you’re witnessing, the ending doesn’t need to be another metaphor or question.

The bulk of this is a unique and subtly distressing look at the trauma of this household and the excellent young lead actress. The muted cinematography and low-key drama really put you in the fractured and unsure headspace of Adar.

The feelings this elicits may not be pleasant or more importantly: strong, but the film succeeds in pulling you in to the husk of this world and its victim.


The Fallout

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