Forrest Gump ★★

The first fifteen or so minutes of Forrest Gump are lovely. You know, when Forrest is a child and he climbs up on that bus and everybody edges away from him, and then he finds a friend and meets Elvis and soon enough the braces burst from his legs and he begins to run. I thought the entire film was going to be like that: honest and pokerfaced and fun, because the Elvis episode was pretty great.

But then the same sequence of events began to happen over and over again, and some disturbing messages came into the mix, and by the time the second hour rolled around, only a habit of always finishing the films I start kept me from turning Forrest Gump off right there.

I adore Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump, but everything around Forrest is so saccharine sweet and emotionally manipulative that I can’t think of much else to take away from the film. I’m all for American nostalgia, but this film is a propagandist, mildly entertaining piece of fluff with a lovable central character. I didn’t particularly hate it, as Gump’s voice lulled me into a slightly stoned state of being, but I certainly won’t return to it ever again.

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