The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club ★★★★

Pauline Kael described The Breakfast Club as “a movie about a bunch of stereotypes who complain that other people see them as stereotypes.” That's certainly true, but The Breakfast Club is also about teenagers who realize that their peers are far more complex than the restrictive labels they're boxed into. That, I think, is what sets the film apart from most other high school comedies. It's funny as hell, but it's also sympathetic and understanding of the choices these teenagers make. That's a rare quality to come across in a film about people who don't yet know who they are. Although the characters will almost certainly retreat into the labels foisted upon them as soon as detention is over, they leave school that day with the knowledge that people are, well, just people. And we all know just how long it takes to understand something as simple as that.

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