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    Disney + Avatar in Ultra HD, I just had to give this a whirl. An I’m glad to report it doesn’t disappoint. Absolutely gorgeous! The clarity is stunning. So crisp you can see every pore and stray gray hair —and that’s on an iPad. The CGI mostly still holds, despite the HD glaringly revealing some CGI background elements at times, which have a video game superficiality, but the visual spectacle is so captivating it’s hardly bothersome. Rewatching this in full…

  • Pinocchio



    Yippee! I have no I idea why I said that, it’s just how this film makes me feel, plus it’s something I totally feel Geppetto would yell while dancing the polka. An I guess I never really thought about the fact that this is Disney’s Italian character fairytale, granted the characters are pretty stereotyped. Although I find it down right hilarious that Disney has now put a “ tobacco” warning label, and does such to all films on Disney+ because…

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  • Dumbo



    FYI: I’m going to be on a Disney binge for the next week, with Disney+ release and just cause it’s the holidays, you’re probably going to see more Disney brand reviews. I apologize in advance if that’s not your cup of tea, but hopefully you can deal with that, and there will be some other films sprinkled in there like AFI fest stuff possibly.

    I was admittedly skeptical about this remake, but Dumbo is absolutely charming! I feel elated and…

  • The King

    The King


    “The King has returned.”

    The King, Netflix’s presumptuous and epic modern biopic adaptation of Shakespeare’s King Henry plays, is essentially the story of England’s King Henry V, a somewhat lesser known royal than the later Henry VIII of multiple  consummate love affairs and a few notorious beheadings. The King, follows the boy who would be King — or as I would sum it up: battle of the bad boy Princes. The story of King Henry V revolves around Hal Prince…