Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★★★★½

A scared, fat ZZtop Reggae Lumberjack Thor. A Distraught blonde vs Red-haired Natasha. Ninja Assasins and a dark rogue Nighthawk. Hulked Bruce Banner. Time Warped Ant-Man. A turned Nebula. A Rhodie. A power packing blonde space Marvel. A Busted Iron Man in need of a major reboot. Cool and collected Cap. What’s not to love? Uh did I forget anyone?

Back to the Future. Star Trek. Hot Tub Time Machine. Terminator — Seriously, who watched Hot Tub Time Machine? ( I know it was you.)

In Endgame your future becomes your past. What? It’s like Timon says: You gotta put your past behind ya...” Oh.... no I still don’t get it, but I’ll go with it.

I mean Thor’s got eye drops. Uh too many late nights and cheese whiz? So what the hell why not? And do Tony Stark and Steve Rogers share the same bottle of hair dye? You know they so exchange hair tips when no ones looking.  I’m seriously just finding things to nitpick at this point.

Spoiler alert:
Cap on Cap action in NYC still the best. It’s like two times the ass. Frankly, I just want to subscribe to the Captain America CrossFit boot camp, so my ass can be America’s ass too.  Hey a girl can dream. I really don’t know why Chris Evans and Disney don’t have an app already. You want to get kids exercising just pop in Endgame. That’ll get every kid in America off the bench. That’s pure motivation.

Plus the three team tag team all bolts and hammers power up on Thanos is  still hardcore. Steve getting the hammer. Just beautiful and so badass I almost wish there was like a Marvel short with just Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America. 

End of spoiler

While I also realized technically they could make another Avengers type film or short, etc with the original cast because in the timeline there’s large gaps that are never shown. Plus they could have flashbacks, who’s not say these cats don’t show up in some form in Captain Marvel or Dr. Strange. Hell they did it in Spider-Man Far from home.

By the end of this journey I feel like Mushu in Mulan: “my little baby’s all grown up...”

Bottom line this is still epic and probably will be for infinity ..............or at least until Star Wars, Avatar, or some other Marvel movie takes its place. 

But in the meantime—Avengers Assemble.

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