Enola Holmes ★★★½

Spit-Spot. Haberdashery. Enough sugar to make the medicine go down. Explosive fun. A wild family affair. Only venture if you dare. The game is still afoot. Yet Topsy-turvey. Enola Holmes home alone —Or the only Holmes? Hmm. I think not. Wall breaking. Highly and totally irrational. An animated zeitgeist. A mystery within a mystery. Yet within a mystery. This donut hole’s not big enough for the lot of us. I do declare a most peculiar narrative. Young Tom foolery. I don’t even know precisely what that means. Ah, my point exactly. A women’s world. More rather a young girls. Bold. Calculative. Righteous. Modern story with bite. Witty to the core. Holmes vs Holmes. Bobby Brown proves she can indeed do more. A girl and three boys. Oh my! A train. A carriage. But no planes. Two English gentlemen. A Caviller Holmes. A Mycroft Stash. A Royal. Politics. Oh bother. What more’s in store? If that didn’t get your attention, I don’t know what else might. Girl power. Bombs away. Oh give it a day or a night. I dare not tell more or I’ll spoil it away.

EDIT: #2 is coming.

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