Speed ★★★½

This shit kicks. I think blockbuster action thrillers were born the day this film was released and if there’s such a thing as an untouchable film Speed would be the premiere example of an action film that holds up 10+ years later. Definitely ranking in the top action films alongside films like Mission Impossible: Fallout. Speed pulls out all the stops. But succeeds mostly on the merits of its undeniable full-throttle suspense. Flooring it LA style down the freeway, as it attempts to dive multiple obstacles. And even though this bad boy stays mostly at 50 mph, its nonstop action, high stakes, high speed chase is an absolute adrenaline rush of epic proportions. As this time-ticking bus defies all aerodynamics logic. It does things that aren’t even plausible, but who cares because this film is so much fun. As every stunt is too good for a 90s movie, and you wonder what happened  to great action setups like this. Every second you’ll be like did they just do that. Incredibly electrifying, driven by the great chemistry between Reeves and Bullock. It’s difficult not get caught up in its high pressure antics. And it’s no wonder this film catapulted Reeves into the limelight.

A film for the ages. Absolute classic. Perfectly paced. Never Duplicated. An iconic example of what blockbuster action film can and should be. A must see for any die hard Keanu fan.

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