Tenet ★★★

The themes behind Tenet were immaculate. I am absolutely infatuated with how much Nolan loves to play with the theory of time. But something is keeping me from embracing the film wholeheartedly, and I think a major part of it was the delivery.

Don't get me wrong, the action scenes and its relation to the "big picture" are so breathtaking. The way the palindrome of Tenet connects to the plotline is absolutely insane. The movie began where it ended, and ended where it began, just like the title indicates. But the thing is, the beginning and end didn't connect at all. This wasn't some roundabout time sequence that plays itself over and over again. There were two paradoxical sides to the plot. Two versions of the movie blended into one. Two endings. Two beginnings. One theme. Tenet.

My only thing is that sometimes, just sometimes, the action scenes were way too over-the-top and pretentious and "look at me I came from Christopher Nolan's brain!" for me. And just like it wanted, I got sucked in. But it sucked me in so much that I forgot about the purpose of the action. There were a lot of times I had to pause and figure out what was happening and why. And it didn't really help that simple dialogue would take a dive into the deep-end of serious action in a minute. Naturally, I was so entranced by the amazing technical aspects that I didn't have time to process its significance until much later.

I became so confused between the horrendous sound mixing, the hour and a half exposition dump, and the dialogue/action ratio that I wasn't able to appreciate the deeper levels they work at until now. That being said, I don't think I completely understand its depth yet, and that will come with time (and a rewatch or two until I'm not confused anymore).

But that's Nolan's job right? To bend the rules of time until we get headaches.

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