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This review may contain spoilers.

Mom: What?
Ladybird: Why can't you say I look nice?
M: I thought you didn't care what I think.
L: I still want you to think that I look good.
M: I was telling you the truth. You want me to lie?
L: No, I mean, I just wish, I wished that you liked me.
M: Of course I love you.
L: But do you like me?

This is one of my favorite interactions from the film. Our parents love us, of course. They are supposed to love us. But do they truly like us as a person? If we were not their children and they met us in the parallel world would they like us? This question might arise in everyone's mind when they grow up and start seeing their parents as people, outside the title of "parents".

M: I want you to be the very best version of yourself that you can be.
L: What if this is the best version?

This is me. And, this is all you will get. This is my best version with the dreams and the fears and the hopes and I hope you accept me as it is. I hope this version is enough. And, you will not only accept but love me for it.

This is only a 3-minute scene and yet is one the most impactful and beautiful scenes of Lady Bird which makes the film so special and what it is. It punches you in the gut with the pain and the relatability.

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