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  • Anyone But You


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  • Anyone But You

    Anyone But You


    I'd go to war for Sydney Sweeney, but even still, I can't make myself like this film. A lamentable amalgamation of a script that feel AI generated, thoroughly uninspired direction, flat cinematography, a runtime that overstays its welcome, and pedestrian performances - even by acclaimed actors, complete with a sprinkling of soft, patronizing woke ideology.

    A romcom with very superficial, sexless chemistry. Cute and humorous occasionally, but we all need higher standards.

  • Thanksgiving



    The three minute faux-trailer that inspired this film is far funnier, darker, and way more transgressive than anything in this 'feature-film / mainstream horror' adaptation. Proof of fallen standards and insipid discernment. All cheeky depravity and prurience is removed, all truly radical, shocking imagery bowdlerized.

    Skip this overlong, expurgatory echoic film, and watch the three minute original of Eli Roth at his best - a reminder what true horror innovation and transgression looks like.

Popular reviews

  • Barbie



    In what is the worst film of the year, Barbie reaches new depths of dysfunction and putrefaction in the Hollywood system, auguring doom for the artistic future of the industry. Greta Gerwig's grotesque bourgeois fantasy is fortunate to be released between the ferocious uniting force of Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible and the epic, cerebral, biographical Christopher Nolan drama, Oppenheimer. Gerwig's feeble hope rests in the overshadowing excitement generated by these two superior films, effectively burying any critical fallout from discerning…

  • Elvis



    Make no mistake, this isn't just a 'biopic on Elvis Presley - The King of Rock 'n Roll'. This is an auteur's vision through and through; a categorical triumph of maximalist indulgence and sophisticated tragedy.

    Akin to a cinematic Aria, Luhrmann has crafted an extravagant, bombastic spectacle, forming one of the greatest biographical films of our era. The man himself, Elvis Presley, is an epochal scale of musical genius and metamorphosis; a crucible of Americana - culture and artistry. Luhrmann…