Nope ★★

Another addition in the ongoing litmus test experiment of LBD users and their obnoxious, unfunny, pithy ‘reviews’ and outrageously overrating an otherwise extremely mediocre film (the higher the quantity of increasingly humourless ‘joke reviews’, the worse the film will be in actuality). Jordan Peele is the most overvalued director currently in Hollywood (I wonder why…) and this is three for three for critically acclaimed third-rate filmmaking.

Nope is a crushingly long 135 minutes, much of which is without even the pretense of narrative momentum. Poorly written characters and atrocious plotting and structure ultimately lead to an anticlimactic dead-end. The Alien, however, was inspired. Too bad Peele didn’t use it to its full potential. 

Still, in some opaque way, possibly his best film to date.

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