Enemy ★★★★½

"Chaos is order yet undeciphered."
After having my WTF moment at the most bizarre and unexpected ending. I realised, I have a-lot of appreciation for ambiguous cinema.
Imagine dble: Two❣️Jake G’s❣️in a
💛 Yellow tinted filtered world 💛
Psychological thrillers with deep rooted symbolism and metaphors are my thing. I had so many questions as I tried to make sense of the storyline. 
Is it all an Inward battle? A psychosis, a mind battle or are there in fact Jake doppelgängers?
Is it all about control
Repeating patterns
Infidelity and Repressed memories
Fear of commitment & Responsibility 
“They have changed the lock but haven’t sent out any new keys”
A sex club with naked women, stilettos and spiders. Jake G is feeling trapped similar to being caught in a spiders web. Sexual fantasies, spiders and relationships with women. Denis Villeneuve is an incredible director he delivers every time!