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  • Polaroid



    *entity wheezing* was the only entertaining thing about this.

  • The Russian Bride

    The Russian Bride


    The ending was so out there and bananas, I loved it. This was a fun movie to watch, and kept my attention from start to finish. It’s one I’ll want to watch again when I want to laugh at something ridiculous that also manages to be a good time. For all of the people claiming this is similar to a Lifetime movie, I would have to strongly disagree. This kicked even the best Lifetime movie’s butt.

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  • Die Hard

    Die Hard


    Nine million terrorists in the world and I gotta kill one with feet smaller than my sister.

    My guy and I set out the other day to prove a popular opinion about this film wrong: that it's a Christmas film. Sure there is talk of chestnuts and Santa with a decked out Christmas tree visible in the background. I was still not convinced and it was going to take a lot more than the tough but every day cop, McClane,…

  • Bluebeard's Eighth Wife

    Bluebeard's Eighth Wife


    Michael: "If you'd be a little nicer to me, then I wouldn't have to buy all those books. Now how about it?"
    Nicole: "Michael I have no gift of prophecy but I see you ending up with a library."

    Do you know that amazing feeling of watching exactly the right movie at the right time? Bluebeard's Eighth Wife couldn't of done that any better for me if I had personally ordered it. This film had me in stitches and quoting…