Love Exposure

Love Exposure ★★★½

Lots to talk about here, but let's just put it simply and concisely: Love Exposure is a very off-beat commentary on the patriarchal status, the sway of religion on the individual, and the sexual undercurrents that encompass said elements. It isn't so much about what the film is saying, as it is in how it says it. Sono's vision is transformative -- he fills his film with very thumping delight -- and there's a clear-cut effervescence and panache his movie carries about. Cinematically, too: Sono has a specific way of portraying the proceedings, and it's a rapturous venture into a twisted, but gnarly pathway of his vision. Absurdism prevails, but the issue lies between the shift to normality and then the recedence to abnormality. The transition to the third hour is rather skewed and the teeter between the chapter that predates it denotes a stilted tonal shift. This is some craft, and while the length makes its foundation sputter on the way out, credit's got to be given; Sono's imagery and knack for daring set pieces being the sheer sample of an unadulterated creative oversight.

Part of my film stills list.

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