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  • Cold Blood

    Cold Blood

    some observations re: COLD BLOOD (or, as it likes to call itself, COLD BLOOD LEGACY):

    —Jean Reno lives alone in a cabin in the wilderness.  said cabin is stocked only with several bottles of Jack Daniel’s whiskey, multiple brands and containers of hot sauce, and a solitary paperback copy of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War.  damn.  Jean Reno is macho.

    —there’s a snowmobile rental place in this movie called Hard Boys Snowmobile.  what would a spin-off about the proprietors…

  • Zombieland



    I was a pretty big ZOMBIELAND fanboy when it first came out.  hadn’t seen it in seven or eight years though and kinda forgot most of it.  turns out it’s kinda forgettable, although it’s also very easy to watch and pretty low-key entertaining.  cinematic cotton candy.

    remember that Zombieland TV series that Amazon was gonna make circa 2013? I watched the pilot and actually didn’t mind it.  can’t find it now, though.  it’s apparently been scrubbed from the Internet.

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  • Mohawk


    filmed on location in that patch of woods out behind Kenny's house.

  • Shadow of the Vampire

    Shadow of the Vampire


    this movie is goth as hell. I love it. it’s irresistible. Cinema is Death. “If it’s not in frame, it doesn’t exist!”

    everybody’s all freaked out and desperate and sad and blasted out of their minds on laudanum.

    all the good vampire movies are about addiction but this one…this one’s really about addiction. why did Dafoe not win the Oscar that year. where has Merhige been for the past fifteen years.

    “We are scientists engaged in the creation of memory!”