Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★★★

gave this three stars when I saw it in theaters. what was my deal. maybe in theaters it is a three-star movie.

at home though it’s great-looking. beautifully shot. lush and vibrant colors that jump off the screen and smash you in the face. everything’s framed perfectly and posed iconically. this is the coolest Kong has looked in 84 years.

lots of folks have said this is basically Kong starring in APOCALYPSE NOW which is valid but to me it seems more like Kong starring in SOUTHERN COMFORT. it is a very Walter Hill-ish Kong movie. plus it clocks in at a lean, crisp, fast-paced 1:58 whereas that last Kong movie that Peter Jackson did was roughly 7 ½ hours long.

sure we’re never able to get a definitive sense of how big Kong and all the other monsters actually are. and sure there are maybe too many characters and too much hubbub. and sure there are parts of this thing that are REALLY FRIGGING HOKEY.

like I said though it’s great-looking. with gracefully, excitingly executed action sequences. and I love all the scenes where characters who think they have the brains or the brawn or the firepower to overcome Kong and conquer Skull Island get flattened or torn apart or gulped down in the blink of an eye.

plus this movie’s also got Brie Larson with her perfect reaction shots and her long hair and her little tight-fitting sleeveless shirt.

where was I. oh yeah. KONG: SKULL ISLAND is awesome. I need to update my Favorites of 2017 list.

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