The Dead Don't Die ★★★★

loved this, mostly. it’s wacky and fun and full of amusing characters and deadpan bits of business. I’ll probably be randomly quoting a few of its non sequiturs for the next week or so.

however it does seem like Jarmusch is torn between his desire to make a Warholian jape that lampoons the increasingly insane State of Things circa 2019 and his bitter distaste for us ignorant hayseeds who are gonna make this his highest-grossing movie ever just because it has zombies in it. the movie’s a frigging jumbled mess but like I said I loved it. mostly.

some questions:

--what happened to those three kids that escaped from juvie. the movie completely forgets about them which is some lazy bullshit because I liked those three kids.

--after the first zombie attack in the diner, Murray & Driver go to the graveyard and Murray trips over Samuel Fuller’s empty grave. does this mean that Iggy Pop is portraying Zombie Samuel Fuller. if so cool. if not then where is Zombie Samuel Fuller.

--is Bobby’s Gas & Stuff hiring. if so I would like to turn in my application.

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