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  • The Tree of Life

    The Tree of Life


    I think I might prefer the original version? The additional 50 minutes provides a lot of new content, and I especially liked the insight into the parents' lives, but I also felt like it was less focused - or maybe I was the one who lost focus after a while lol.
    Like someone said in another review, this feels more like a bonus cut for the hardcore fans than a truly necessary new cut.

    Still, it gave me an excuse…

  • Photo de famille

    Photo de famille


    It could have really been a gem if the plot wasn't as scattered as the three protagonists are supposed to be at the beginning of the movie. Maybe I failed to see their relevance but there were a lot of scenes and subplots that felt completely unnecessary and/or sloppy, and the humor was very flat with few exceptions. It's a shame because the film is incredibly rich in themes and depth, with a very strong emotional core, but it only…

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  • Thelma



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    This is my spoiler review of Thelma, click here for my spoiler-free review.

    My thoughts are too scattered so this is a list:

    - I loved how Thelma's powers are never portrayed as wrong in the movie. Sure, she does terrible things, but mainly when she's a child and/or asleep, so when it's completely out of her control. Other than that, the movie tries really hard to link Thelma's powers to nature (the animal imageries, the focus on the trees…

  • Lovesong



    do you sometimes think about how they've probably fallen in love with each other way before the beginning of the movie.... there's that threesome story of Sarah chickening out and when they meet for the first time in the movie Mindy says that it's been a while they haven't seen each other, just like the three years gap in the middle of the movie........ what if their life had just been a constant stream of missed opportunities and this movie is only a part of it........