Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel ★★½

I tried. I really tried. I've watched the major MCU films almost two years ago, in a fun catch-up bingewatch, and I did enjoy some of them. I thought Iron Man and The Avengers were pretty well-written, I liked some of the choices made in Civil War and Age of Ultron (controversial, I know!), and most of all, I found in Black Panther a film that had a heart, that had something to say beyond an origin story or mindless entertainment. And it did give me hope. I did think, "maybe Marvel finally got it right, maybe now that they're opening their films to heroes that aren't all white men, they will give them a soul as well". Unfortunately, Captain Marvel proved me wrong.

I didn't hate the film - I just found it bland and slightly boring. Is it worse, is it better, who knows. I was really excited to watch it, so I'm disappointed, but at the same time I've only ever wanted to see it for Brie, so it's not like I expected the best film of the year (although deep down.... yeah). At this point I just think me and Marvel Studios are not made for each other and that there's nothing deeper behind it. I'm glad it works for others, especially now with the new slate of diverse heroes, but I doubt it ever will for me.

Like the great majority of Marvel films, I had a big problem with the tone. I'm far from saying the film needs to be entirely dramatic, quite the contrary actually since I found the dramatic scenes too clichés and therefore lacking in emotion. I would rather have seen a film that had committed entirely to being pure entertainment and hommage to the 90s: keep the jokes, play on the fact that Captain Marvel is overpowered, use a soundtrack entirely comprised of 90s songs, at least the film will stand out from the rest. Here, I just feel like I've seen a mix of every blockbusters of the last ten years. I have absolutely no doubt that this film will fade from my memory in two months max.

The supposedly feminist aspect was also an issue of mine. I didn't have a lot of expectations, almost none actually, so it didn't disappoint me per se but I'm actually surprised that the bar is this low. I love the fact that Carol is the most powerful character of the MCU and that she will probably save everyone, but that's about it. All the sexist comments that she takes and her overcoming it looked like this ad. Is it bad? no. I'm just blown away that it is where we're at. Carol's relationship with Maria & Monica was nice but I wish it had been developped more.
Anyway, the "feminist" message did not have any emotional resonance with me, and I really do mean not any AT ALL. But again, I'm glad that some women are coming out of this movie feeling great. Like I said, I can't really blame anyone, I really do think it's just me failing to connect with these films and that's just it.

On the good side of things, the other major theme is pretty good, albeit definitely not given the depth it should have had. I won't say too much on it because it involves a major plot twist, but I think there are some very good elements in it that actually surprised me for the better. There are some really cool scenes and the CGI is great. Brie Larson is great as well but not transcendant. Weirdly enough, I felt like she wasn't that much in the film? Which doesn't make any sense, she obviously had a lot of screentime, but maybe it's just because I didn't connect with her character as much as I wanted to. Her costume (the red one) is breathtakingly beautiful and definitely among my top 5 superhero costumes.

That's about it. I thought I would want to rewatch it later in the month but I'll pass. From what I've seen a lot of people are loving it so that's cool, if you're planning on seeing it don't take this review to heart & I hope you'll love it.

PS: yall never told me Carol was also named Vers........ the amount of gay jokes I could have made with that info in mind, c'mon!

(temporary rating, I don't really know)

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