La La Land

La La Land ★★★★★

I.... wow.
I started the movie smiling so much that my jaw was aching, and when the movie ended I was almost crying, but it's not even sad, it's just... beautiful. I had to walk for 20 minutes to reach my house and the entire city felt different, magnified, I felt like I could do anything. The last time it happened to me was after I watched Carol (which, coincidentally, was almost exactly a year ago. I love starting the new years like that). Anyway, this isn't even a review, I just don't know what to say? Visually speaking, it is DEFINITELY the most beautiful movie I have ever seen. The story is touching and takes you in some places that you don't really expect. The pacing is a bit slow at the middle maybe? I can't even really hold it against the movie because it made sense.
I already can't wait to waste all my money on theatre tickets just to rewatch it over and over again.

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