mother! ★★★★

It sure was... something.

I actually really really enjoyed the movie up until the last 10 minutes or so.
The whole premise of retelling the Bible as a horror thriller inside a single house is pure genius, and there's masochistic part of me that really wants to watch this movie again just to catch even more parallels & symbolism.
The constant imprisonment inside the house, yellowish color tones, close-ups and POV shots, makes for one hell of an anxious ride. I was actually impressed at how well the house was utilized: it looked familiar & cozy enough for me to get anxious when strangers entered it, yet so big & labyrinthine that it could also feel hell-ish and completely unfamiliar & hostile.
Javier Bardem was perfect in his role, and Jennifer Lawrence was also very very good but her crying face got weirdly annoying? I feel bad saying this, but there's something about her acting that annoyed me. I already knew Kristen Wiig had a cameo, but I was still completely taken by surprise when I saw her, and I don't think this was intentional but this really added to the surreal-ness of the movie.

I was really on board with the movie for almost the entirety of it, no matter how twisted it got, but the last ten minutes lost me a bit. I wasn't too fond of the scene following the one with the baby; it may be a bit hypocritical that I was on board with all of it but when it's suddenly at the expense of a woman I got queasy, but it sure wasn't an easy scene to watch. I also wasn't too fond of the last scene between Bardem & Lawrence, it looked a bit too much.

Overrall, I really do not regret watching mother!. I know some people hate this movie, and I perfectly understand and respect it; but I'm glad it didn't have the same effect on me.

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