Amy ★★★★

The best found-footage horror movie of the year, which also just so happens to be a fiercely perceptive documentary about a great artist laid low by enablers and a host of mental problems. If you've ever thought it might be nice to be famous, even for a little while, AMY will knock that desire right out of you forever.

I'm a lightweight when it comes to alcohol and I've never done drugs. But we've all had nights where we drink just a bit too much, and there comes that tipping point where you can stop and probably be fine the next day, or keep going and have a little more fun and a lot more trouble the next morning. AMY is structured like a night where you took the latter path. Early scenes are fun, warm, and charming. Amy Winehouse is an incandescent talent. Then, at a certain point, Winehouse (and the people around her) make some bad choices. And by the time anyone realizes what they've done (or, more accurately, didn't do), the damage had largely been done. Once you go past that tipping point, there's no turning back.