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This review may contain spoilers.

"Alfred, could you come here for a sec?"

"Yes, Master Bruce?"

"Did you let Vicki Vale in the Batcave?"


"Y'know I'm trying to maintain a secret identity here, right?"

"Yes, Master Bruce."

"Kinda hard to do that when YOU LET RANDOM WOMEN IN HERE."

"Yes, Master Bruce."

"And this was AFTER I told her we had to go out of town and YOU immediately told her we weren't going out of town! HOW DUMB DO YOU HAVE TO BE TO MAKE THAT MISTAKE?"

"Yes, Master Bruce."

"Look, I hate to do this. You're a good guy, and you make a really good bowl of chowder. But I'm afraid I'm going to have to let you go."

"But... Master Bruce..."

"Get out, Alfred."

"Master Bruce, that might be unwise."

"Why is that, Alfred?"

"I know things, Master Bruce. Things you wouldn't want people to know."


"Like, for example, when you drove the Batmobile into Axis Chemicals and blew it up with all of the Joker's thugs still inside. You must have murdered at least a dozen men in cold blood, Master Bruce. Commissioner Gordon would no doubt be interested in that information."

"Alfred, I may have spoken too hastily."

"I agree Master Bruce. I'll go put the chowder on the stove."

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