Busting ★★★★

This movie is fantastic. Gould and Blake as some of the earliest buddy cops, wandering the sleaziest parts of Los Angeles. There's an interesting interplay between these pathetic policemen and their sad busts (mostly done through entrapment) and the comic books Gould reads when he's bored and his arch-nemesis, an untouchable drug kingpin, sarcastically refers to when putting down these two detectives who remain the flies in his personal ointment. No super heroes here, just the sad, harsh, darkly funny realities of life on the beat.

Written and directed by Peter Hyams who went on to a long and successful if not particularly acclaimed career. There's a really tense and dynamic shootout in a crowded outdoor grocery store that's incredible. He keeps returning to this very distinctive shot: long takes that track backwards as the cops and robbers run towards the camera, giving this really vivid sense of the chaos created by these chase scenes.

Awesome. BUSTING makes me feel good.