Dune ★★★

What about this: A TV channel that just airs Dune, the miniseries Dune, Children of Dune, and Jodorowsky’s Dune and all the special features for all of them, and we call it... The Spice Channel.

No? What? What’s wrong?

Also, I had never seen this as an adult. It is decidedly Not Good™, but I kind of loved it? The way that it is so impenetrable, at least to those of us who haven’t read the book, even as the characters explain every one of their action, even as Lynch allows us to hear the characters’ thoughts, is kind of incredible. There are lots of movies about aliens, but Dune actually feels alien; like it was made by space worm just high enough on spice that he thinks “Hell yeah, I can make a movie! Yeah! This is how you do it, right?”

I actually think it made more sense to me as a child. Or at least the trading cards did. Can you imagine buying trading cards for a David Lynch movie as a kid? It changes a person. It changes you.