Kill the Messenger ★★★

"THE HURT LOCKER made Jeremy Renner a star, but it may have made him the wrong kind of star. Hollywood looked at this handsome guy playing a badass soldier and saw an action hero; in the four years since, he’s almost exclusively played tough dudes with guns (or bows and arrows). But those roles have rarely given Renner the opportunity to showcase the sort of character he really plays well, men whose convictions are exceeded only by their compulsions, and whose tough exteriors mask deep vulnerabilities. THE HURT LOCKER wasn’t just a war movie; it was also the story of a man whose commitment to his job as a bomb-disposal expert (and addiction to the thrills it provides) borders on recklessness. He’s someone who’s planning to see his assignment through even if that means getting blown up in the process. That’s the Renner who’s been missing for most of the last five years, and that’s the Renner who’s happily back for the journalistic conspiracy thriller KILL THE MESSENGER."

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