X-Men: The Last Stand ★★½

A not-terrible adaptation of Joss Whedon’s first Astonishing X-Men arc mixed with the dirt-worst adaptation possible of “The Dark Phoenix Saga.” Overall, it’s better than its reputation. There are worthwhile bits in here; McKellen gives one of his better performances as Magneto, the Danger Room sequence is a series highlight, Kelsey Grammer’s Beast looks and feels like he stepped right out of a Marvel comic, and I like the way Rogue’s arc plays out.

But yeah, the Dark Phoenix stuff, yikes and a half. Obviously everything involving the Juggernaut is a ceaseless nightmare. And of course the movies that followed it completely ignored its ending without explanation, which has happened so many times at this point we might as well officially call a series retconning inconvenient plot points from earlier films “X-Menning a franchise.”