Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum ★★★½

I watched this at 12AM.

That's not a good idea, I do not recommend -- Wait actually, maybe it is a good idea? Adds more to the atmosphere and immersion but still.. this was an insane experience.

I didn't know anything about this movie and watching this for the first time was an absolute blast. I fucking LOVE horror movies and especially ones like this where it's just a group of people, and it's supernatural, and despite it being super fucking scary and haunting, there's something to the ensemble aspect of these movies that I always find myself to be so entertained by them. So I had so much fun watching this. A lot of times, when anything scary happened, I was like ''Yup, if I had made this, I would definitely went with that''.

If anything, this felt like a nice compliment to The Blair Witch Project more than anything. It definitely had similar style in terms of directing and cast but I think I was more scared by this? There were plenty of scenes in this that genuinely gave me chills and just an uneasy feeling in my stomach and often times I would just be ''Oh boy... Oh no..''

Go into this movie blind, trust me. You will be surprised. It's pretty scary. It could be 4 stars in the future, I really loved this quite a lot