Tenet ★★★★

Christopher Nolan cares about the future. He cares about humanity, he loves the universe, and its evident in all of his movies.

TENET is his love letter to time, genre films and it was a culmination of his past work, much like Tarantino's OUATIH, Scorsese's Irishman, and recently Lee's Da 5 Bloods.

It's bombastic, loud (I'll get back to this), exciting, and non-stop adrenaline rush and a mind-bending adventure and though I enjoyed these elements, I found the empathetic storytelling to be the strongest weapon. Yeah, the action sequences are fun as hell, seeing the inversion intertwining with normal time, the LOUD (I'll get back to this later, I promise.) sound design and Ludwig Goransson's epic score, all these were delightful but that final act, man.. That action piece coupled with the characters juggling their task in saving the universe, I felt so much emotions in that last, I'd say 30 minutes.

I'd have to disagree with people saying Nolan prioritized story and spectacle over characters. I agree with that statement in the first hour but as the film progresses and the story became clearer and the time inversion element became less strange and more of the norm, I found the character work to be fascinating. They might not be as engaging as Bruce Wayne, or as spectacular as the magicians in The Prestige, or as personal as MUUUURRRPPPHHH in Interstellar, but they all have a sense of purpose in their story. The Protagonist is driven by his mission. Whatever comes in his way, no matter how indescribable the task at hand, he'll always do it. Neil (Robert motherfuckin Pattinson) is.. well. He is my favorite and no I will not elaborate more. Watch the movie. And Kat, who just wants the best for the future.

Now I want to talk about some things I really want to get off my chest. Good lord, this movie was so loud. I don't know if it's this theater I went to but I swear the sound were so loud that I felt like I'm having a heart attack. Even now as I'm typing this review, my stomach feels funny and I feel like puking. Other than that, I understood the dialogue clearly lmao

I'll obviously watch it again in the future as Christopher Nolan is just another director that I admire dearly and I'll always disagree when people say his movies lack ''humor" or "heart". Are you sure we watched the same movies?

Good flick. The ending was top tier Nolan.

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