The Social Dilemma

The main thing this documentary is missing is facts and evidence to back up their points. Yes, they have people from within the industry speaking, which means they have credible sources. But the only statistic here is one on increasing rates of girl's self harm and suicide attempts coinciding with the popularization of more social media platforms. But why? How would social media cause this (because remember, correlation does not equal causation)? The answer according to this doc: one mean comment. As if bullying doesn't happen in real life. As if the answer isn't much more complicated than that.

All their other points aren't really backed up by anything. This doc: Social media causes radicalization and political polarization through an algorithm that keeps you in a certain idea bubble and simultaneously pushes people towards more intense posts/videos in order to keep their attention. Their proof? A made-up dramatization. Which just makes me so mad! Because the doc is actually right, social media can cause that. But the way they explain how is simply not up to snuff and left me with more questions than answers.

Honestly, I think that's a good encapsulation of this doc. It presents something I am already aware of (and something a lot of people who are active online are aware of) and prompts questions about the topic, but never answers it themselves. But, hey, if you learned something, great! Any vehicle that increases knowledge and critical thinking is good. For a more in-depth, more narrow exploration of some of these topics, I highly recommend John Oliver's episodes on Facebook and Online Harassment.

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