SuperSnek has written 6 reviews for films rated ★★★½ .

  • A Whisker Away

    A Whisker Away

    This is the middle school dream
    Seriously, if you’ve ever pretended to be a Warriors cat, this movie is for you

  • The Suicide Squad

    The Suicide Squad

    King Shark is baby 💙

  • Encanto


    rat man makes my heart go doki doki <3

  • Encanto


    I loved the creativity in this! But it probably would have worked better as a TV show. There was just so many characters and ideas to explore, but it feels like we only scratched the surface.

    The pacing felt really off to me. There was a lot of set-up (all of which I was enjoying!). But since most of the movie was set-up, the climax felt like it happened way too quickly, making the ending feel a bit unearned.

  • Bob and the Monster

    Bob and the Monster

    Bob and the Monster follows both the journey of the musician Bob Forrest and his recovery from drug addiction.

    This documentary interweaves interviews, musicial performances, and animations to create a very engaging story.

  • One Way

    One Way

    You can't always run away, but you can take the bus

    I just wanna give a huge round of applause to the lighting department 👏👏👏 they're the real MVPs of this movie. Seriously, all the red and blue shots are BEAUTIFUL✨